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He Might Be Crazy

9th December, 2006. 3:28 am. so sad

Here is the moment i realized that maybe i need to change my life path....

Today at a rest stop in new jersey i was looking at combos, two bags to be exact.  Pizzeria pretzel and Nacho cheese pretzel.  I couldn't decide.  I had a bag in each hand and looked back and forth for quite some time and actually mumbled to myself "follow your heart Anthony".  At which point i decided that maybe i should just stop living.  I put this very true story up on here because i know there is a very special person living in NC who would probably get a kick out of this.


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11th October, 2006. 9:53 pm. no words...


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12th September, 2006. 10:12 am.

no matter how old i get nomatter how bad of a mood i am in, this will ALWAYS MAKE ME LAUGh. Thanks to rob for the reminder.

This reminds me of freshman year.

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6th September, 2006. 5:12 pm.

not to much to post other than i just saw the trailer for "half nelson" and it got me really excited.  Apparently the movie already came out and i really want to see it.  Ryan goslings character is kind of what i strive to be.  It will be really cool to see this movie.

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13th June, 2006. 10:28 am. The Prince

Did i lend anyone my copy of "The Prince"?? i camn't find it and i need it.

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8th June, 2006. 2:29 pm. HAHA

So things have been going well. We have a mouse in our apartment, and i have been working like a dog but it's okay. Everyone is having fun and Stef is coming today. I was just on this website(chucklemonkey.com LOLOLOL) which has listing sof all the open mics in the city. yes, i still look at them wantingly. I don't know. Every year i say i'm going to do one, every year i chicken out. i get on writing roles and then i stop. First order of business, i need to FORCE myself to write. Once i do that, then it's easier to get on a role. The scary thing is, as i was on the list of open mics, i started to gte butterflies and my heart actualyl started ot beat faster. That can't be a good sign. It's amazing how easy it is to say 'i could do that" when you see it on T.V. but to actually do it is another story.

just got off the phone with a really frusterating person calling for C.E., then right after that a woman called(for her daughter)asking about registration. Umm, your daughter 18-20 and she can handle herself. I'm getting tired of these parents doing the work for their kids. They can fuck off.

mini-rant over.

Saw a sweet bollywood movie last night and i'm going to watch another one with Stef tonight. I really need to get out of here. i like the people i work with, but i hate the people i deal with.
over and out.

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31st May, 2006. 3:02 pm. awesomeness

All my co-workers and i have become pretty good friends. Also, apartment life has been good although someone(me) needs to take out the trash today. Right now i am at work, and i finally just finished all the registrations. I started at 11am. Stef is coming over tonight, which makes me happy since i haven't really been able to spend any time with her. getting down to the city is hard, especially when you are watching your money and you get out of work late sometimes, but we're making it work. She's going to spend the night, maybe i'll order us up some chinease food. Or maybe i'll make her some dinner. Who knows. All i know is i have work at 8:30 tommorow so that doesn't leave us to much time before i have to go. Although she might stay with jose until i come back from work. okay, well that's my quick update. Take care.

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25th May, 2006. 2:30 pm. Summer goings ons

As i noted in my last entry, school is over. I got my grades back, i got a 3.57. I made deans list so i'm happy, but it ended up dropping my overall a little bit. No big deal though, i made it through a very stressfull semester and hard classes. As of right now, alot has happened. Both my parents quit their jobs and got better ones, my dad bought a new car and i'm going to a yankee game on sat. I'm at work right now and if you haven't heard i am living in an on campus apartment until june 28th, which is when i go to Italia for 5 weeks. I am very excited about that, but that's for another post. it has been weird living with a roomate again, but Aaron and i are great friends so we get along. My other apartment mates are cool too. Last night i went to Stef's brothers confirmation ceremony. it was really nice and we went out for indian food afterwards. I felt bad because schedualing made it where i couldn't go to my cousins confirmation on sun. because i had to move. I'm doing my best here folks. Anyway,the summer has been going well. Work has been slow and boring but i'm getting paid. Right now, my paycheck was negated by my credit card bill so i have to watch any sort of spending until my next check. I didn't even spend money on crap, it was necessary stuff that killed me. From the looks of my schedual, i doubt i'll be going home at all this summer. I might be coming home this weekend, but who knows.
I'm seeing x-men III tonight. Sweet.

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17th May, 2006. 10:28 am.

there it is folks,i'm officially done with the school year. God bless America

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15th May, 2006. 10:02 am.

it's a little wierd. This semester i lightened up alot, and still seemed ot do well in school. Although, while i seem very calm right now, i am a bit worried about how all my finals went. Sometimes i'll just be sitting there and i wonder if i could have answered that question better. I don't think i did terribly, i think i got some B+'s and maybe some A-'s, but who knows. If i don't get deans list this semester, which very well might happen,it will be a bit wierd. I'll deal, but i would be nice to keep the streak alive. This is totally a nerd complaint, but oh well.
Other than that, since i have been done with all my finals, i have just been hanging out with alot of people and watching movies non-stop...and eating alot of food. Beyond that,i'm almost done with my senior project proposal.It's looking pretty good.
I can't beleive i'm going to be a senior next year, and after that shit really hits the fan. My whole life will change, and it's a bit scary and exciting. Of course, i'll just be going to another school so my lifestyle won't be to much different. Who am i kidding, it will be. Ugh. Anyway, off to some meetings. Have a wonderful day everyone!

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